Adult cam for iphone

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[i OS and Android, free] Brickshots Ever wondered what your favourite portraits would look like as Warhol-esque works of LEGO art?

Brickshots imports your pics and a brick-by-brick instructions.

This South Korean Snapchat clone is finding fans among western teens, who use its huge array of animated filters to augment photos.

The results self-destruct like its rival's - albeit after 24 hours.

When I thought about reviewing adult coloring apps, something came to mind immediately.

Coloring is supposed to be relaxing, and even an escape from electronic devices. Why use them over an adult coloring book and your pencils? All apps are in alphabetical order: ADULT COLORING BOOK This is an interesting app because it’s design to actually look like mini coloring books within the app.

Not sure why you’d want to do that, but it’s available.

And with a rotating set of fun features and filters, it's also the response to Facebook and Twitter's stale experiences.

Fingers are, however, a more than adequate substitute.

Pigment is rich with features — an expansive color palette, multiple pen and pencil types, gradient tools, pressure-sensitive opacity and even an aid for those who wish to always stay inside the lines — but basic in purpose.

Just as spoken words only hang in the air long enough for ears to hear them, these images last just long enough to be seen (or more accurately, for 24 hours) and then they disappear.

Navigating the app also works a little differently here.

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