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HA config: I've got quite a few old Android devices sitting in junk drawers around the house which I wanted to make use of in connection with HA.

Having used Android IP Webcam app in the past, I configured a few devices as IP cameras and connected to HA.

One thing I can suggest ad hoc here: Take a look at this "camera connection database" created by a video surveillance software vendor. If the camera provides an MJPEG stream direct from an "http" URL (with login credentials I'll have to start with our far too slim KB answer. Thank you.(.again, typing the full url deletes the typed text...

The reality is that there are thousands of camera models and we haven't figured out a "really good way" to rate them for use with Action Tiles (not to mention cross referenced by browser and browsing device OS, and dozens of ways to "work around" may camera limitations...). On first load, my Android or Windows/Chrome browser shows a gray box and "broken image" indicator for authenticated video feeds with " formats. )The form user:[email protected] is not giving me an error and works on mac, surface, ipad on chrome & safari, not edge. Personally, I do not use Smartthings and IP Cameras for Security. The difference is the threat I believe I face and the reliability & functionality I need now to face the low threat level.

channel=1&subtype=0 I can get the stream in VLC player but no luck in android.

I have tried videoview native player and Update: So..seems that this is the only way I could use the url... The conpany which owns the camera and setted up for the city do not let us to use other formats.

It had settings for our office CCTV DVR where we have 8 cameras and our Panasonic IP cameras at the office (4 additional cameras) as well as the cameras that keep watch over our home, which are also Panasonic IP cameras.

We can view all of them at once on the phone, or view one large and several smaller frames.

On the Android app side, download and install the app, configure the video settings and sensor data and start the server.

My task is to create an android application in android to check some IP cameras of the city.

Using the existing RTSP url which is rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?

Start the camera server and then you can access the dedicated HTTP interface for the camera from your computer's web browser.

From here I used Chrome's inspector to "reverse engineer" the requests that are sent to the camera's web server when interacting with the various buttons.

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