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javite im se :) Doši ste na sajt zabavnog karaktera, namenjen iskljucivo punoletnim korisnicima!

Da biste pristupili sajtu, potrebno je da ste stariji od 18 godina i da se slažete sa Pravilnikom i uslovima korišcenja.

Kada se registrujete, možete da pristupite svim delovima sajta, možete dopuniti kredite putem SMS-a (uskoro i drugi načini dopune kredita) i otpočeti sex uzivo 1-na-1.Budapest (Budɒpɛʃt), the wonderful Hungarian capital, boasts one of the most beautiful and elegant bridges in the world, the Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd), named after the popular and admired empress of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, still affectionately known as Sisi (or Sissi), the spouse of Francis Joseph I murdered in 1898 in Geneva; with a total span of 290 meters, the bridge proudly crosses the River Danube and connects the Gellért Hill (Gellért-hegy) in Buda with the Március 15 Square (Marcius 15 ter) in Pest, all visitors at their first experience here will be carried away by a whirlwind of pure emotions.Destroyed by the Nazi Army at the end of World War II (only the Pest side was partially preserved), the "" was the only bridge in Budapest beyond repair deemed too heavily damaged to be reconstructed, consequently a completely new cable-bridge, designed by the Hungarian architect Pál Sávoly, was built between 19 to replace the first one; it was enriched by modern lines and, unlike its predecessor, completely devoid of ornamentation so that it lost definitively its original form and its supremacy as the world's longest chain-type and iron suspension bridge until 1926 (378,6 meters), the lighting has been created by the Japanese lighting designer Motoko Ishii; the construction of the first bridge, designed by Aurél Czekelius and Antal Kherndl, was started in 1897, after an unexpected incident in 1902, it was inaugurated on 10 October 1903, although its size would have enabled a heavy traffic, the first trams and trucks appeared only in 1914; as a commemorative act for the reconstruction of the bridge, two twin plaques have been placed at the southern part of the pillars in Buda and Pest.Nikada više necete biti usamljeni, uvek cete imati drugaricu, ljubavnicu, prijateljicu...uvek ce biti tu za vas, samo uzmite telefon u ruke i javite im se... Nema problema, samo izaberite sa kim cete da se dopisujete i zabava može da pocne.

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