Dating stella harmony guitars

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Outside of a completed transaction, value has no meaning, so please do not ask me to value your guitar. Harmony instruments were produced on an industrial scale.Even the less common models can't be considered "rare".The company thrived during the first quarter of the 20th century, producing many thousands of instruments.In 1920, the company was said to be the world's largest manufacturer of stringed instruments.Stella was acquired by the Harmony Company in 1939. International, which is the corporate parent of the Harmony Company.

Today it is very hard to find playable examples of Oscar Schmidt made guitars. Our passion is to find and restore this beautiful old instruments and bring them back to life.

Other Schmidt brands included "Sovereign" and "La Scala".

The company produced low and mid-level stringed instruments such as guitars, mandolins, banjos and autoharps.

Stella instruments were noted for their good tone and relatively low price. After struggling through the Great Depression, the company sold their fretted instrument division in the late 1930s, but continued to make autoharps.

Top of the line Stella and Sovereign guitars cost a fraction of the lowest end Gibson or C. Schmidt's Stella, Sovereign and La Scala brands were acquired by the Harmony Company of Chicago, Illinois in 1939.

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