Who is ginger spice dating

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Ginger Spice dropped some devastating news during a global tour in 1998: she was leaving the Spice Girls.For fans, the departure was abrupt and lacked explanation, until 2010 when Halliwell discussed it in an interview.“Ginger Spice” is going to be “Mama Spice” once again!Former Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell Horner is expecting her second child and her first with husband Christian Horner.By the late 1980s, she was on her way, first to Majorca where she became a model, and then to Turkey for a stint as a game show hostess.On the road to success, she worked as a club dancer, an aerobics instructor, a cleaner and a barmaid.

On Wednesday, a fan account messaged the singer, who since marrying in 2015 goes by Geri Horner, to commemorate the anniversary of her exit.

She's had something of a turbulent personal life after a dramatic divorce (she's now on her second marriage). Maybe it's because she married the Hottest Man You Will Ever See, David Beckham.

But it's also because she's dabbled in just about everything and now, in combination with her husband, has amassed a fortune and created a mini-empire. Since the Spice Girls, Posh has had her hands in about a million things in the fashion industry, working with labels and designers and designing her own denim line as well. This former saccharine-sweet Spice Girl has also been way into the celeb reality judging thing.

In response, Horner wrote that she was sorry in a tweet with an emoji of a broken heart, perhaps symbolizing the dashed dreams of fans around the world.

In the 2010 interview, the pop star explained that she had been planning to leave the "girl power" group once their world tour ended in September 1998, but she ultimately left earlier because she was not permitted to give an interview about breast cancer, an issue about which she cares deeply. Last July, Horner, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) announced that they would participate in a Spice Girls reunion concert in London's Hyde Park, though no date has been confirmed.

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