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If you're chipping away at credit card debt, you're likely paying for the privilege of having that plastic in your wallet, as well as the convenience of carrying a balance over time. The interest you're getting charged is the bank's way of making a profit off you, month after month, year after year.Transferring one or more current credit card balances to a zero percent interest rate card can help you more quickly pay off your creditors.This means that when you spend £100 worth of dollars, it actually costs you £103.

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In an email interview, the site’s interim CEO Jen Billock told Business Insider that “members are ...En español | Many folks trying to reduce their credit card debt turn to credit card balance transfers to achieve their goal.But while such transfers can be effective when used judiciously, they do have potential pitfalls.That's because your entire monthly payment will be going toward the principal, not the interest, helping you become debt-free faster.If consolidating your credit card debt onto a zero percent interest card frees up some cash flow in your budget each month, you may be able to make "extra" payments on your debt and get rid of your credit card bills at a more rapid pace.

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