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It has been such a user-friendly program providing just what I needed--a screensaver. I have about 2000 photos on my machine, and it's endlessly fascinating when they appear in random order." An additional screen saver utility is available free for registered users (Screen Saver Quick Start).

It would be good to add some scale information here, where possible: how many documents do these sites index, how many search requests per day, what kind of servers, etc.

According to the primatologists, the media are to blame.

“In movies, television shows, and advertisements,” the letter reads, “chimpanzees are often depicted as caricatures of humans, dressed in clothes and/or photographed in contrived poses.” The authors then insist that “the inappropriate portrayal of great apes in advertisements undermines the scientific, welfare, and conservation goals that we…

The letter was composed and signed by 35 members of the “Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution,” which include luminaries like Nobel Chemist, Linus Pauling; civil rights activist, Tom Hayden; and Swedish Nobel Economist, Gunnar Myrdal.

The letter focused on three revolutions taking place at the time: “A new era of production has begun.

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