Is charlie simpson still dating camilla smith

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She'd sustained catastrophic head injuries but she somehow survived.Now, aged 30 (pictured main), and bearing a striking resemblance to her mother Lin (pictured left inset), she's a successful textile artist who has just announced her engagement to her boyfriend of 12 years, Iwan Griffith (shown left).——— The Prince of Wales has spent a lifetime waiting, which is what one does if Mummy is queen of England and the longest-reigning British monarch on record.But, as biographer Sally Bedell Smith notes in her new book, “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,” the heir has spent much of his life eclipsed by others.So, we’ve got the exhibition at Kensington Palace of — where she really shone, for she was, whatever else you say about her, lovely — and the timely reissue of biographies, notably that by Sally Bedell Smith of Prince Charles, which did him no favours, and, still to come, whopping retrospectives for the anniversary by every British newspaper and broadcaster, and most American and Australian ones.Admittedly, it is only those who were around 20 years ago and who can remember the seismic effect of the death of the princess for whom all this matters, but there are a lot of us. Young people aren’t much exercised by royalty (though fond of the Queen), by titles or by marriage generally — but for those old enough to have been Princess Diana’s contemporaries, the reminder of her existence is oddly moving.Along with three or four thousand residents of Richmond, North Yorkshire, I am standing in the town square awaiting the arrival of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, who are spending one of their typical working days helping the town celebrate the 850th anniversary of its first market charter.

“Back home, he was often put in the shade by his revered mother, by his dazzling son Prince William and his beautiful wife, Catherine, by their son Prince George (and, later, Princess Charlotte), by William’s enormously popular brother, Prince Harry, and by the memory of Diana, fixed in time at age thirty-six as the tragic and beloved Princess of Wales.

A half-dozen pho-tographers from the Royal Rota (or press rotation) greeted them as their train pulled in this morning, as did Lord Crathorne, the lord-lieutenant of North Yorkshire, Her Majesty’s representative for the county, erect and spiffy in his full-dress black uniform, complete with epaulets, medals, and sword. He wore one of his customary double-breasted bespoke suits with a light-blue shirt, a navy-blue-and-yellow rep tie, and brown leather shoes so old but well maintained that they gleamed like agate.

The Duchess, too, has adopted a kind of public uniform since acquiring her title.

The 29-year-old musician made the announcement that he and his wife Anna are expecting their first child together while performing an acoustic show at London's Islington Assembly Hall on Tuesday night.

Busted boys: Charlie was the lead singer of Busted.

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